Friday, March 12, 2010

Slow goin'

Here's a short update. I've got a shitload of irons in the fire right now, so recording is going really slow. Between my big boy job, getting certified to be a teacher, and various social committments, there hasn't been much time for the studio. And when there has been, it's been spent dicking off on the piano. So, today is really the first day in several weeks I've fucked with Pro Tools.

Keith and I missed a few weeks because both of us just had other shit going on, so we haven't made any progress on recording "Tyler".

I ended up deciding to record "Walkaways" instead of "Question". The main reason is that Walkaways is in standard tuning, while Question is in the Old 97s preferred tuning, which has every string tuned down one step. I didn't feel like messing with that. Plus, I think Adam Duritz's voice is better than Rhett Miller's. So I imported the song on Pro Tools and looped it like 10 times. Then I created tracks for the vocals and guitar. I must've sang the thing 50 times. I had a hard time figuring out how far away to stand from the mic. It's hard to simultaneously concentrate on singing and making sure the track isn't clipping out. So, I still don't have a take I'm totally comfortable with. The guitar has had the same problems. I've still got a long way to go. So anyway, there you are.


Meredith said...

What are you going to teach?

Snake Diggity said...

I'm getting certified in the following:

-4-8 Generalist (all subjects)
-8-12 Social Studies
-6-12 Business

So we'll see. The most likely scenario is junior high math, just because those jobs are most plentiful. The ideal scenario would be high school business since that's my professional and educational background/strength, it's not a required/core course (which means less stress, less emphasis on state mandated testing, and more freedom with curriculum).